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Our Story

The Cake Box is based in sunny Ballito in South Africa. We are a family-owned business that decided it was time to create something that everyone could enjoy - both on the outside and on the inside.

We have a creative and functional way to transport those delicious treats to surprise your friends and family. The Cake Box comes in five colours, suitable for any occasion. You can personalise your box with a picture, name, or date. And if you are based close to Ballito, you can order a cheesecake to go with your box too!

Five Colours to Choose From

Choose from any of our five colours to suit your cake's needs. Or co-ordinate it with the colouring of the event your Cake Box will be attending. The options are white, serenity blue, grey, rose and plain.


Add a touch of individuality and specialness to your Cake Box with a custom engraving. You can add a name, a date, or even a picture. Send the image through and we will make it happen.

Our Cakes Boxes are Handcrafted Locally in South Africa.

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  • Plain Cake Box R495
  • White Cake Box R495
  • Serenity Blue Cake Box R495
  • Country Grey Cake Box R495
  • Rose Cake Box R495
  • Cheesecake R350
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    Customer Testimonials

    Annanel Church

    Absolutely love my cake box. Not only is it a beautiful ‘objet d’art’ for my kitchen, but it is the most practical box to carry cakes or tarts or scones or biscuits to a friend for a party. Everything sits safely in the box whilst traveling.

    Annanel Church
    Sharleen Boaden

    How beautiful is this?! My very own logo on my personalised box from The Cake Box. I love it!

    Sharleen Boaden
    Lara Grobler

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of having a cake box to store my goodies inside. They really made sure to create a unique personalized touch to your cake box and it’s honestly beautiful and so personable! Thank you to everyone at The Cake Box!

    Lara Grobler

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